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Latex Gloves | Latex Examination Gloves

Latex Examination Gloves, Disposable Latex Gloves, Latex Medical Gloves


1.Latex gloves are gloves made with extra strength to with stand surgical debries.

2.These gloves have full anatomical design as to reduce hand fatigue.Smooth-finish, anti-aging, waterproof, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, soft.

3.The gloves are manufactured to provide superior comfort,fit,dexterity and tactile sensititvity, allowing for good grip in both dry and wet conditions(micro roughened surface).


1. Materials: Latex .For single use only, micro textured surface and smooth surface.

2. Lightly powdered/powder-free, 100% natural Malaysia rubber latex, specification meet international standard.

3.Color: Clear, Blue,etc.Sterile.

4.Size: M,L,XL. Weight: 6g or 6.8g.Packing: 100 pieces/box, 10 boxes/carton.


Widely used in medical, food processing, examination, hair, dyeing, printing, machinery, cleaning, family hygienic protection etc